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Employee Portal



Welcome to VistaTime.


Click on the link below to login. Once logged in you will have access to schedules and time cards from the week.


A couple of tips for using VistaTime:


You can view your schedule online by simply clicking on “Schedules” but it might not print the best way.


In order to print schedules as a PDF, go to reports, click on schedules, select the date range you would like (remember schedules are entered on Thursday for the following week), then click “run”. 


Please note schedules for the following week will be entered on Thursday but are not finalized until Friday. Please do not view your schedule online until Friday.

If you are using your phone to login, make sure you click on the “View Desktop Site” link.


You can do the same process for time cards. 


Login Information


Client ID: PigglyWiggly

Login ID: First letter of first name followed by the full last name (example: FLast)

Password: Employee ID #


If you have any questions, please ask human resources, your store director, or Michael Fox.

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