Pat and Lori Fox


With over 26 years of experience in serving the community at Fox Bros Piggly Wiggly, Pat and Lori Fox are committed to the mission of providing superior service and the highest quality products with fair prices to their customers. Their enthusiastic commitment to their guests, team members and the community makes Fox Bros what it is.

Brian Hass

Store Director Hartford

Store Director: Brian Hass
Assistant Manager: Mike Becker
Produce Manager: Brian Collegnon
Deli Manager: Michele Harrison
Bakery Manager: Deanna Brehmer
Floral Manager: Brenda Kirchner
Meat Manager: Jason Dominguez
Customer Service Manager: 

Mike Olwig

Store Director Richfield/Hubertus

Store Director: Mike Olwig
Assistant Manager: Chris Tate
Produce Manager: Mark Anderson
Deli Manager: Leilanni Myers
Bakery Manager: Michelle Limbach
Floral Manager: Starlyn Schmidt
Meat Manager: Mike Weiss
Customer Service Manager:Pat Nytes
Liquor: Peter Schroeder

Dale Sandberg

Store Director Slinger

Store Director: Dale Sandberg
Assistant Manager: Walt Lewandowski
Produce Manager:  Roger Bennett
Deli Manager: Ashley Buetow
Bakery Manager: Jessica Gibbons
Floral Manager: Debra Muehlius
Meat Manager: Jason Wrolstad
Customer Service Manager: Shannon Kasten
Liquor: Michael Gross

Johnnie Dinkins

Store Director Hartland

Store Director: Johnnie Dinkins
Assistant Manager: Michelle Baxter
Produce Manager: John Brucker (Gigh)
Deli Manager: Penny Mercado
Bakery Manager: Shawonda Smith
Floral Manager: Judith Moehr
Meat Manager: Scott Jolitz
Customer Service Manager: Heather Costa
Liquor: Pete Lux

Paul Williams

Store Director Saukville

Store Director: Paul Williams
Assistant Manager: Tom Benike
Produce Manager: Tom Hogan
Deli Manager: Tammy Bliesner
Bakery Manager: Katherine Berka
Floral Manager: Therese Ann Ross
Meat Manager: Scott Jurgilanis
Customer Service Manager: Tricia Rau
Liquor: Bonnie Hauser

Jake Saugestad

Store Director Jackson

Store Director: Jake Saugestad
Assistant Manager: Ron Limbach
Produce Manager: Vince Bonini
Deli Manager: Barb Repinski
Bakery Manager: Laura Mondloch
Floral Manager: Therese Ann Ross
Meat Manager: Al Vredeveld
Customer Service Manager: Jodi Fisher
Liquor: Pete Schroeder

Dan Brandt

Store Director Oconomowoc

Store Director: Dan Brandt
Assistant Manager: Rich Seri
Produce Manager: Chris Logan
Deli Manager: Emily Pederson
Bakery Manager: Gail Brown
Floral Manager: Amy Sussek
Meat Manager: Dave Dominguez
Customer Service Manager: Tammy Horack
Liquor: Pete Lux