Chris Staff

Store Director Oconomowoc

Assistant Manager: Michelle Baxter
Produce Manager: Chris Logan
Deli Manager: Brenda Hamilton

Bakery Manager: Gail Brown
Floral Manager: Amy Sussek
Meat Manager: Dave Dominguez
Customer Service Mgr: Tammy Horack
Liquor Manager: Pete Lux

Jeff Kozlowski

Jeff Kozlowski

Store Director Port Washington

Assistant Manager: Dean Sternig
Produce Manager:  Dave McDaniel
Deli Manager: Margie Prom
Bakery Manager: Autumn Limbach
Floral Manager: Therese Ann Ross
Meat Manager: Stewart Larson
Customer Service Mgr: Tracy Chappie
Liquor Manager: Dean Sternig

Jake Saugestad

Jake Saugestad

Store Director West Bend

Assistant Manager: Tom Benike
Produce Manager:   Scott Wall
Deli Manager: Hallie Olson
Bakery Manager:
Now Hiring!
Floral Manager: Pam Hildebrandt-Klein
Meat Manager:  Jay Douglas
Customer Service Mgr: Diane Walters
Liquor Manager: Pam Hildebrant-Kline


Dan Brandt

Store Director Hartland

Assistant Manager: Rich Seri
Produce Manager: John Brucker (Gigh)
Deli Manager: Penny Mercado
Bakery Manager: Andy Larsen

Floral Manager: Judith Moehr
Meat Manager: Scott Jolitz
Customer Service Mgr: Heather Costa
Liquor Manager: Pete Lux


Derek Tonn

Store Director Saukville

Assistant Manager: Dave Purtell
Produce Manager: Vince Bonini

Deli Manager: Emily Ziehr
Bakery Manager: Katherine Berka
Floral Manager: Therese Ann Ross
Meat Manager: Tony Laabs
Customer Service Mgr: Tricia Weiland
Liquor Manager: Tim Gauger

dan romero.jpg

Dan Romero

Store Director Jackson

Assistant Manager: Ron Limbach
Produce Manager: Andrew Gorter
Deli Manager: Barb Repinski
Bakery Manager: Laura Mondloch
Floral Manager: Sita Ly
Meat Manager: Travis Strey-Didier
Customer Service Mgr: Justin McGeshick
Liquor Manager: Kelly Schopp


Pat Barnes



Mike Olwig

Vice President

Director of Operations

Brian Haas

Brian Hass

Store Director Hartford

Assistant Manager: Mike Becker
Produce Manager: Brian Collegnon
Deli Manager: Michele Harrison
Bakery Manager: Deanna Brehmer
Floral Manager: Sita Ly
Meat Manager: Patrick Nimtz
Customer Service Mgr: Susan Bong

Liquor Manager: Michelle Krummey

Bob Eickhoff

Bob Eickhoff

Store Director Richfield/Hubertus

Assistant Manager: Chris Tate
Produce Manager: Mark Anderson
Deli Manager:
Now Hiring!
Bakery Manager: Ronisue Richter
Floral Manager: Starlyn Schmidt
Meat Manager: Jason Dominguez
Customer Service Mgr: Pat Nytes
Liquor Manager: Peter Schroeder

Dale Sandberg

Dale Sandberg

Store Director Slinger

Assistant Manager: Walt Lewandowski
Produce Manager:  Roger Bennett
Deli Manager: Terry Sternig
Bakery Manager: Michelle Limbach
Floral Manager: Debra Muehlius
Meat Manager: Jason Wrolstad
Customer Service Mgr:
Now Hiring!
Liquor Manager: Tim Gauger


David Dickelman

Director of Marketing

and Merchandising


Johnnie Dinkins

Assistant Director of Operations

michael fox.jpg

Michael Fox
Director of Professional