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Introducing…..the best of our best. Each cut is hand-selected from the top tier of our finest all-natural† Prairie Fresh® USA Prime pork as assessed by industry-leading predictive technology. Prairie Fresh USA Prime® consistently delivers as close as we have ever come to pork perfection: superior tenderness and rich, juicy flavor in every bite.

Marbling, combined with optimal color and superior tenderness, delivers the best pork eating experience. This truly is the best of our best.

Fox Bros. is proud to carry Prairie Fresh® USA Prime pork. We know that it’s important to have flavorful and delicious pork options with the comfort of knowing that it is humanely raised and from the USA. Prairie Fresh owns their farms and oversees every step of the process. Farms to trucks. Processing facilities to grocery shelves to kitchen tables. That’s how they guarantee the best pork for you and your family.


†Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients

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